Finally the world can clone plants ORGANICALLY!!  South River Aquapopnics is proud to offer this new product called 'Genesis'.   





What makes Genesis different?


     Genesis is the first cloning gel to obtain our auxins needed for reproducing plants by extracting them from a plant & only water!!


 While we brew an organic tea made from only a plant fiber and water other cloning gel and rooting compound companies extract their sythetic IBA hormone (auxins) by using a sythetic method ie; using an alcohol extraction process. 
Genesis boasts 100% susccess rates when used in an aeroponic cloner. Genesis is made including organic honey (keep away from infants) & is GMO FREE! When Genesis is used you can expect roots in 2-5 days with ZERO wilting! Genesis uses only organic plant extracts, organic sugars & water! Some growers have reported 100% success when Genesis was just used in a glass of water.
 *Not recommended to use with Clone X plugs! They have a chemical in their plugs that reacts poorly with our natural ingredients...





"Mother Nature's Jealous!"




South River Aquaponics

Isaiah 58:11

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